Baroque/Classical Festival

The Baroque/Classical Festival is held the first Saturday in December. This competitive festival promotes the study and performance of Baroque and Classical era music in alternate years.

Entry Fee is $14.00 per junior member

Registrations are due: Saturday, October 6, 2018

CDs are due: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Classical Festival Finals: Saturday, December 1, 2018

West Music, Moline, IL

FMTA Classical Festival Rules and Regulations

PURPOSE The purpose of the Quad Cities FMTA Classical Festival is to promote the playing of Classical keyboard repertoire on the piano.


1. Participants must be a member of a Junior Club under the direction of a teacher currently holding membership in FMTA.

2. Participant's grade as of September 15 of the festival year determines the level he/she must enter. Elementary: through grade 6 Intermediate: through grade 9 Senior High: through grade 12

3. Exceptions to the above grade classifications are as follows: a. A student age 19 as of September 15 of the current festival year is ineligible to participate. b. Any student who has been a first place winner must either abstain from competing the following year or advance to the next level.

4. After registration forms have been submitted, should it be discovered that a student has not met all the requirements for participation and the situation cannot be remedied, the student will not be allowed to participate.


1. Entry forms are due the first Saturday of October.

2. CDs are due the third Saturday of October.

3. Baroque Finals will be held on the first Saturday of December.


1. Teachers must submit an unedited CD recording of the student performing their Classical selection by the deadline.

2. Submitted CDs will be judged by the University of Iowa Piano Pedagogy class under the direction of the current professor.

3. Fifteen finalists and one alternate will be chosen for each category. 4. Finalists and teachers will be notified of the results by e-mail by the Chair.


1. Elementary and Intermediate Finalists will perform the same Classical piece submitted on their CD and a choice composition. Senior Finalists will perform the same Classical piece submitted on their CD and no choice composition.

2. The judge will be allowed to select first place, second place, third place, and three honorable mentions in each category.

3. Finalists must stay for the entire level.

4. No video or audio recording of any kind will be permitted.

5. Scores of the required and choice compositions must be provided for the judges with erasures made and measures numbered. Only published scores or legally produced electronic scores accompanied by the letter of permission from the vendor may be used.

6. Memory is required.

7. If for any reason a finalist is unable to perform, the alternate will play in the spot that the missing finalist is designated to play.


1. Baroque repertoire must be from the current FMTA Classical Composers list.

2. The choice selection must be a non-Clasical composition in original form. No transcriptions, abridgements, or arrangements may be used. Only complete compositions are acceptable.

3. Students may not perform repertoire used in previous years.


1. Elementary: 4 minutes

2. Intermediate: 6 minutes

3. Senior High: 10 minutes

4. Performances that exceed the time limit will be stopped, but not penalized.


1. Failure to follow any of the FMTA Classical Festival rules and regulations by teacher, parent and/or student may result in disqualification.

Classical Composers List

Last Name First Name Dates
Albeniz Mateo 1760-1831
Albero Sebastian 1722-1756
Alcock John 1715-1806
Andre Anton 1775-1842
Angles Rafael 1731-1816
Arriago Juan Crisostomo 1806-1826
Attwood Thomas 1765-1838
Bach Carl Philipp Emanuel 1714-1788
Bach Johann Christian 1735-1782
Bach Christoph Friedrich 1732-1795
Bach Wilhelm Friedemann Van 1710-1784
Beethoven Ludwig 1770-1827
Benda Georg Antonin 1722-1795
Berlin Johann Daniel 1714-1787
Van Den Pieter Joseph Bosch 1736-1803
Carr Benjamin 1768-1831
Cimarosa Domenico 1749-1801
Clementi Muzio 1752-1832
Czerny Carl 1791-1857
Diabelli Anton 1781-1858
Dussek Franz 1731-1799
Dussek Jan Ladislav 1760-1812
Galuppi Baldassare 1706-1785
Haslinger Tobias 1787-1842
Hassler Johann Wilhelm 1747-1822
Haydn Franz Joseph 1732-1809
Hewitt James 1792-1827
Hook James 1746-1827
Hummel Johann Nepomuk 1778-1837
Hunten Franz 1793-1878
Kuhlau Friedrich 1786-1832
Latour Jean Theodore 1766-1837
Latrobe Christian 1758-1836
Lemoine Henry 1786-1854
Lessel Franciszek 1780-1838
Mozart Leopold 1719-1787
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791
Myslivecek Josef 1737-1782
Neefe Christian Gottlieb 1748-1798
Paisiello Giovanni 1740-1816
Paradis Peitro Domenico (Paradies) 1707-1791
Pleyel Ignaz Joseph 1757-1831
Reingagle Alexander 1756-1809
Rosetti Antonio 1750-1792
Steibelt Daniel 1765-1823
Tomasche Wenzel K 1774-1850
Turk Daniel Gottlob 1756-1813
Wanhal Johann Bptist 1739-1813
Wesley Samuel 1766-1837
Wolf Ernst Wilhelm 1735-1792
Worzische Johan Hugok 1791-1825

Classical Festival Entry Form



The Federation Festival is held in early March. This non-competitive festival promotes the study and performance of specific music by American composers. Students receive written comments and a rating on their performance.

Entry Fee is $16.00 per junior member for each solo event

Entry Fee is $16.00 for each ensemble event

Musicianship Fee is $8.00

Festival Cup fee is $4.00 and is optional

Festival Bulletins are $10.00 and are available at West Music in Moline
Registration material will be available at the meeting on January 6, 2019
Registration material will be turned in on Work Day: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Christ United Methodist Church, Davenport, IA
Federation Festival: Friday/Saturday, March 1 & 2, 2019
Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
FMTA Honors Recital, Sunday, March 17
Butterworth Center, Moline, IL


FMTA Campship Scholarships are held after Festival. This competition awards cash scholarships to students attending summer music camps. Each entrant must be a junior member and must have participated in Junior Festival in the current fiscal year.

Entry Levels

Intermediate (grades 9 and under)

Senior (grades 10-12)

Each student plays their Festival pieces. Each award will cover up to the total cost of camp. There will be one first-place award of up to $150.00 in each level. There will be one second-place award of up to $100.00 in each level and one third-place award of up to $50.00 in each level. An alternate will be chosen in each level. These are awarded at the discretion of the judge

Campship Audition Date: Sunday, March 3, 2019
West Music, Moline, IL

Registration deadline:  Friday, February 22, 2019
E-mail Registration Forms to Angie Farmer at
Campship Audition Form


FMTA Senior Club Dues: $25.00

Returning members fees are due Sept. 15, 2018/New members fees are due October 15, 2018 IFMC Junior Club Dues: $32.00 (up to 16 students) $2.00 for each additional student/due by Oct. 15, 2018

All students who will participate in any FMTA/IFMC/NFMC event must be entered as a junior club member. Names of participating students are due by October 15, 2018 All dues and registration forms are submitted to the treasurer, Dick Sessler


Fall, winter, and spring meetings are held to conduct business, to plan club activities, and to provide high quality programs which will benefit our members.


Membership in FMTA also gives the opportunity for participation in IFMC and NFMC sponsored events such as IFMC Junior Composers Contest (LINK), and IFMC Campship Auditions